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Join us

We invite all legal entities, institutions, universities and associations to cooperate. The procedure of accession to the Cluster is as follows:

1. The interested entities need to fill in the form available at www.carspl.eu/cooperation.
Please include a description of your conducted activities (optionally website address) and the scope of participation within the Cluster.

2. Upon the form’s validating, information on acceptance of your declaration will be sent to the enclosed e-mail address.

3. Upon receiving the declaration, the Management Board of Green Cars Cluster will verify confluence of the application with statutory goals. In the case of positive decision, a declaration of accession to Green Cars Cluster will be sent to your e-mail address, along with an agreement and a statement of independence from other members of the consortium (the document can also be downloaded at the bottom of this page).

4. The completed document should be legibly signed and initialled on each page.

5. Subsequently, the documents should be scanned to any format (jpg/tif/gif/pdf) and register documents like e.g. KRS (National Court Register), entry into the register of business activity should be attached. All the abovementioned documents need to be sent in an electronic format to the Consortium through: www.carspl.eu/cooperation.

6. The originals of the declaration and statements, signed and prepared in two identical counterparts, along with register documentation are to be sent to the following registered office of the Consortium:

Klaster Green Cars
ul. Chełmska 19/21
00-724 Warsaw


The declaration of accession to the Green Cars Cluster’s Consortium with the Consortium agreement: Download

Statement of independence in relation to other members of the consortium: Download